About Graeme

I didn't start out intending to become a copywriter. I wanted to be an ice-cream man, then a vet, then a chef. Eventually, I took up photography. In 2013, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations gave me an award for Outstanding Young Communicator of the Year — that was when I was working as a public relations and marketing person for the NHS. I was 26 then.

I never entered any other awards, and those NHS people were great, but I wanted to do something more creative, like write copy for NASA or write movie scripts. Now, I work with a fantastic portfolio of independent clients such as 9Bar, FitBites and Wingman. The rest of the time, I'm in-house working with agencies whose clients include: Imperial College London; MoneyMover; Wellcome Genome Campus; British Antarctic Survey and the Cambridge Science Centre.

In my spare time, I write short stories. My debut short stories collection, 'If I Were You' is out now

Based in Cambridge, UK.