If I Were You: 12 Dark Short Stories

I've spent the past seven months or so, finding out how difficult (and how much fun) it is to write entertaining and convincing fiction. I have written and scrapped over two dozen short stories on the way to the twelve which made it into this, my debut collection, and I am so proud to be able to offer it to you all now. 

This has been a big part of my life in 2016, and I hope that chiefly, the dark and twisted stories included in If I Were You, entertain you. I also hope that they will act as the kick-starter for a long and completely weird journey into worlds of make-believe.

In this collection of short stories, you'll find a vengeful witch intent on total destruction, as well as a ghostly midnight mob, also with probable ill intentions. You'll find an homage to the king of young person's horror — that'll be R. L. Stine — and the winding tale of an old man with a broken toaster, plus much more. 

All backed up by the utterly bizarre artwork of Amanda Durepos, this is If I Were You, and I welcome you to download it for free below, or for a small fee on Amazon Kindle. 

Thank you. 

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