Unbounce — 25 Inspirational Resources for Copywriters

Most of the time, you write copy to sell something — a product, a service or an idea. To do it effectively, you need to be inspiring, creative and grammatically correct, but you also need to be in touch with this sixth sense of sorts, which tells you when the words you've chosen are in the right order. 

As a copywriter, I keep all of those things in balance by reading as much as possible. I read fiction, non-fiction and articles, and I watch videos and movies, to see how other people communicate and how they build a story. 

In my latest post for Unbounce, the landing page experts, I've compiled 25 of my favourite go-to resources for copywriters. Some are obvious, others are more abstract, but each one plays an important role in developing and sharpening those copywriting skills.

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Graeme Keeton, Unbounce — 25 Inspirational Resources for Copywriters (Full post)