Leaf — The Right Words for Unfamiliar Situations

No matter how fluent you are in a non-native language, there will always be words which elude you from time to time. Some words are so specific that you will never see them included in language books or any of the current mainstream language learning apps; yet they're words which are essential to certain interactions, to the full and satisfying experience of having mastered a language other than your own.

Leaf is a language learning app, which gives users specific words, when and where they need them. 

Imagine you're a 23-year-old Spanish girl, a recent graduate living in London. You've been speaking English almost full-time for the past five years, and you're fluent up to around 99%. You're playing Monopoly with your friends when — hey, where are the...what are they called? The squares with the dots on them? 

The dice. Leaf prompts learners with the right words for contexts including allergies, ADHD, bakeries, coffee shops, soccer games and yes, even board games. If you're stuck for a word, you'll find it in Leaf. 

Writing content and in-app copy for Leaf has been immensely fun and challenging so far. I'm used to putting myself in the user's shoes, as both a fiction writer, and because it's essential part of user experience (UX). But imagining and then writing up every possible interaction a learner might have in a given context is something else. Take a look at a few of the examples below, and if you're interesting in trying Leaf out, get it here on Google Play.