Push Button Sales: The Different Types of Copywriting

Push Button Sales: The Different Types of Copywriting

Copywriting is used across all types of industries. From fashion to construction, copywriting is an integral part of any marketing strategy that aims to sell a product or service.

The types of copywriting vary depending on the types of products and services you are selling, but there are some general types that can be found in many different niches:

  • headlines;
  • subheads;
  • body text;
  • testimonials;
  • call-to-actions.

This blog post will discuss these different types so you can determine which type would work best for your business!

Headlines are used on almost every blog post, article, and website. They usually appear above the fold (the area of your screen that can be seen without scrolling down) or at least somewhere in the top half of the webpage.

The types of copywriting carried out through headlines are often referred to as “informational” because this type aims to inform users about a product, service, or company rather than persuade them into buying something specific. However, depending on what you are selling there may be an element of persuasion involved with informative writing. For example, if you were trying to sell someone insurance for their car they might want more information before making a decision so it would fall under both types – informational and persuasive!

Several types of copywriting

There are four general types of copywriting that is most commonly employed in the field of marketing. These are Sales, Technical, Creative, and Legal. Each sub-category has sub-categories within it, including:

  • Sales Copywriting;
  • Technical Copywriting;
  • Creative Copywriting.

Within each of these, there are sub-niches.

Types of copywriting. Sales Copywriting

Sales Copywriting is the type of copywriting employed by marketers to sell a product or service. This is the most widely used form of copywriting and is also one of the highest paying. Sales copywriters use many of the same tools of advertising and salesmanship that the public relations copywriters use, and they often use the same words and phrases. Sales copywriters are often hired by large companies or corporations to create their company’s sales pages. They need to be skilled at coming up with phrases, words, and formats that will attract the interest of potential customers.

Technical Copywriting

Technical Copywriting is another type of copywriting. Its purpose is to explain, promote, and sell products and services. Often, a technical writer will write SEO copy for online businesses to reach an audience of knowledgeable Internet users. While this audience may be smaller than that of the general public, it is one of the most effective audiences for online marketing efforts. Technical copywriters write for the SEO audience in order to explain topics such as search engine optimization and link building.

Legal Copywriting

Types of copywriting. Sales Copywriting
creative copywriting

Legal Copywriting is one of the oldest forms of copywriting. Its purpose is to persuade or dissuade a customer from taking an action that would negatively affect the business. For example, if a customer decides not to purchase a product from a merchant because the merchant made an ethical error, a legal copywriter can address this issue. In many cases, a lawyer or paralegal writes legal documents for large businesses. Many people believe that lawyers write all of the legal documents for their clients, but many people are unaware that paralegals and other legal professionals also perform this task.

Copywriting in social media

Social Media Copywriting is an increasingly popular form of copywriting. It includes articles, blog posts, press releases, and social media posts. SEO copywriting that involves social media involves writing SEO content to improve the visibility of various websites and blogs. These types of social media posts are an excellent way for online businesses to market themselves to their target audience.

Creative copywriting

Creative Copywriting is an aspect of SEO copywriting that involves coming up with interesting ideas in order to capture the attention of a client. The key to successful creative copywriting is to come up with new ideas and techniques within the context of current events. For example, if a certain demographic has been trending towards coffee drinking over the past several years, a creative copywriter can take advantage of this trend by coming up with a series of ads that revolve around coffee drinking. The key to successful creative copywriting is to use current events in order to promote a business.

There are many different types of creative copywriting, but there are four main factors that every good creative copywriter needs to know in order to be a success:

  • he/she needs to have the ability to think creatively;
  • he/she needs to have an understanding of the target audience that he/she will be trying to reach;
  • he/she needs to know how to write effectively for an audience and/or variety of readers;
  • he/she needs to know how to market effectively.

Direct Response Copywriting

Direct Response Copywriting involves selling or promoting a product or service directly to a customer. In other words, it is about making the sale as soon as the reader takes action. This is not a concept that is exclusive to online copywriting. In fact, there are many examples of direct response copywriting involved in offline marketing such as magazine ads, newspapers, television advertisements, etc. In order to effectively take action, the copywriter must first give his/her audience an opportunity to opt-in to the mailing list, follow up with an offer, or otherwise “opt-in” to the sales process.